October 2013

Presenter:  Kemal Oflus

Location: Temecula City Library

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Start Date: September 19th., 2013
Start Time: 6:00 pm
Price: $ 20.00 – 25.00

Title:  Visual Data Discovery – Making Pictures Talk


Member: $20.00, Nonmember: $25.00 Walk-in: $25.00 Cash/check only. Food availability not guaranteed.

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Visual Data Discovery – Making Pictures Talk

Visual Data Discovery – Making Pictures Talk: Quality practitioners constantly seek relationships, patterns or outliers that help them, and their customers,  understand their processes.  This presentation shows some ways to gain critical insight into your data by examining it graphically.  JMP Systems Engineer Kemal Oflus uses a case study where polymer is colored and molded into furniture to explore ways to use graphics and reports to explore the impact of continuous and categorical manufacturing variables on product quality.

Kemal Oflus is an Applied Physicist and Data Scientist with the JMP Division of the SAS Institute. Kemal holds a B.S. in Physics from Middle East Technical University (Turkey) , a M.S. in Applied Physics from UMBC ( University of Maryland in Baltimore County) and studied Project Management and Intellectual Property Law at UCSD (University California of San Diego).   He is a former ‘Rocket Scientist’ (Guidance Navigation and Controls Engineer) where he was responsible for risk assessment and mitigation using statistical methods for various missions including design and simulation of Crew Escape Vehicle for NASA Next Generation Human Space Flight.  He has also worked as a software engineer and climate scientist at NASA’s Earth Observation Platform Constellation of satellites’ data retrieval and analysis algorithms.  In his current role, he is a technical expert on statistics and statistical modeling for JMP (www.jmp.com), and works with customers across various industries to help them learn how to use statistical software to analyze their data and to help them solve their problems.  Kemal is an active member of the ASQ (American Society of Quality) and ASA (American Statistical Association) and he periodically delivers talks and keynotes on data mining and predictive modeling.

Kemal is also active in the local data mining and predictive analytics community currently helping with an open source project to demonstrate how data from San Diego police department can be effectively used.