June 2018

Temecula Valley Section 0713

June 2018 Monthly Dinner Meeting

Topic: “Diagnostic Reasoning”

Who: Luis Montes

When: Thursday, June 21st, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Where: Temecula Library Community Room B
30600 Pauba Road,
Temecula, CA 92592

Dinner Cost: $20.00 for members
$25.00 for non-members

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Presentation Title: “Diagnostic Reasoning”

Diagnosis is the task of uncovering the cause(s) or explanation(s) of some event or phenomenon.  While it is often associated with medicine or equipment troubleshooting, the truth is that everyone engages in diagnostic reasoning.  Any time we apply ourselves to figuring out why something happened or is the way it is, any time we puzzle about some problem or breakdown, we employ diagnostic reasoning skills.  The conclusions that we draw from such reflections shape our general understandings of the world, which inform the decisions that we make and how we evaluate future happenings that we encounter.

Because we exercise diagnostic reasoning skills so regularly and adeptly in the course of ordinary life, we may be surprised to find that we often struggle (at least at first) to provide adequate diagnoses upon entering some specialized field like medicine or quality engineering.  The reason for this struggle goes beyond the fact that entering a new field means dealing with an unfamiliar subject matter.  Probably the main reason that we struggle is that our basic diagnostic reasoning skills are developed and, so to speak, ‘optimized’ to work within a particular context.  When we move into a different context, with different expectations and pragmatic constraints, tools and rules-of-thumb that had been useful for drawing helpful inferences may turn out to be misleading.  What can we do to make these transitions smoother for us and others?  An understanding of the general structure of diagnostic reasoning can help.

In this presentation, Mr. Montes will present a model of the basic structure of diagnostic reasoning, unpacking, at a general level, the factors that go into building a sound diagnostic argument.  After looking at examples and noting some general guidelines for working with diagnostic arguments, we will then look at some of the specific tools that quality professionals use, to see how they fit with the basic model.  We will highlight how the context of a quality professionals’ work helps to determine what particular tools, techniques, and strategies are most useful.

This session will be interactive and participation is encouraged.  As preparation, think about one or two stories from your own experience conducting diagnoses (maybe they went well, maybe they went poorly) and what you learned.

Presentation Speaker: Luis Montes

Luis Montes received his B.A. from Azusa Pacific University and M.A. from the University of California, Riverside, both in philosophy.  He is an adjunct instructor at Norco College and Crafton Hills College where he teaches critical thinking, philosophy, and religion courses.  His areas of study interest include philosophy of action and metaethics, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of science.

Join us for a wonderful presentation of “Diagnostic Reasoning” on June 21st, 2018 at 6:00pm!!!

This eye-opening and invaluable discussion will give even seasoned auditors a new perspective, and will help improve the audit experience not only for clients, but also dramatically reduce problems with Certification Body internal review committees and Accreditation Bodies.
As a clinic participant, you will:
The “angle of perception” used by auditors, and how to expand it using the “missing senses” to soak up evidence like a sponge.
Learn how auditees hide nonconformities in plain view, based on predicted auditor behavior.
Never again have your audit findings challenged because of weak evidence.
Speaker Bio: Christopher Paris is a former Chemical Process Engineer, and has worked with ISO 9001 systems since 1988.  In 1999, he founded Oxebridge Quality Resources, an ISO 9001 and AS9100 consulting firm whose clients include SpaceX, Lufthansa, L3 Communications, and
200 small and medium sized organizations. He was a member of the US TAG to TC 176,
and is an international speaker on the subject of quality and ISO 9001, primarily advocating
for the point of view of standards users.  Click Here for more on Christopher Paris bio.