April 2010

Thriving  in Tough Time
Location: Temecula City Library
Start Date: April 15th, 2010
Start Time: 6:00 pm
Price: $ 20.00 – 25.00

Title: Thriving  in Tough Time


Member: $20.00, Nonmember: $25.00
Walk-in: $25.00 Cash/check only. Food availability not guaranteed.

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Thriving in Tough Times

Some companies get it! Some companies don’t!

Some people get it! Some people don’t!

Quality and Innovation are still powerful drivers in today’s economy. Discover the secrets to securing your future by adapting the attributes of those who have learned how to advance Quality and Innovation and make them a Lifestyle in their organizations. Learn how you can use your powers of influence and persuasion to advance your career. Learn how systems optimization can help you organize more effectively, resulting in improved performance.

You will learn:

  • Attributes of people in companies who have made Quality and Innovation a Lifestyle
  • How to create robust systems designed for people to succeed and take pride in their work
  • How to take the lead and position yourself as an integral driver of success in your organization
  • How to strengthen your position and add value to your company, thus helping ensure that your job stays secure in tough times
  • Learn the difference between “paradigms” and “paradumbs”
  • How to communicate more clearly and effectively, thus reducing mix-ups and errors
  • Questions and Answers with David Markovitz

About our Speaker:
David Markovitz, Founder and President of GMP Training Systems, Inc., has over three decades experience in FDA regulated industries. David honed his expertise on Quality Systems when he had the rare privilege of assisting Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the 20th century’s leading quality guru, in several of his famed Four-Day Seminars. David created and led the Deming Roundtable, an intensive year-long cooperative effort involving eight different organizations working to implement Deming’s teachings and develop a Quality Systems approach.

After two decades in Operations Management with four leading companies, David started GMP Training Systems, Inc. in 1996 to help organizations improve their productivity, quality, and long-term profitability by implementing strategies focused on innovation, continual improvement and optimization of work systems and processes throughout all levels in an organization.